Simprints launch Impact Review 2023

June 4, 2024

Simprints launch Impact Review 2023

Our latest paper reflects on 2023 and summarises our achievements and learnings from the year

One in ten people worldwide — over 850 million people — don't have any official form of identification. This makes it incredibly difficult to ensure that each child is vaccinated against preventable illnesses, every dollar reaches the person it's meant for, and everyone is able to access vital services. At Simprints we build technology to radically increase transparency and effectiveness to ensure every dollar invested in international development and public health programmes has the maximum impact possible. 

It's because of our deep dedication to impact, that we’re so proud to launch our Impact Review, reflecting on 2023 and summarising our achievements and learnings from the year.

Top takeaways from the Simprints Impact Review

  • Learn how we currently measure impact and performance at Simprints.
  • Discover our ambitions for further strengthening the quality of our evidence in the future.
  • Join us for a panoramic snapshot of our global impact as well as a deep dive into the effectiveness and efficiency of our solution, looking closely at how frontline workers value our solution.
  • Hear how Simprints technology eased the treatment journey of Sosina*, a programme participant in Ethiopia, as she explains how she received life-changing surgery from one of our partners.

How we measure impact

Simprints has embarked on its own journey to improve the way we measure our solution's impact and performance. A monitoring, evaluation and impact team was established in 2021 to deepen our evidence base with robust research and evaluation to demonstrate that verified delivery is not only possible, but can deliver real impact.  During 2023, we delivered seven impact studies, research, and externally commissioned monitoring and evaluation reports and launched an evidence library where key learnings from these studies are accessed.

Powerful impact

  • Our team has successfully implemented eight projects across four countries, helping ensure that vaccines, medicines, healthcare, and aid reached 382,943 unique people.
  • We've supported almost 2,000 frontline workers with training and technical support to use our technology, with 80% or more consistently reporting that our technology is easy to use.
  • In Ethiopia, 86% of health workers reported improved service quality and outcomes as a direct result of using our technology.
  • We've seen increased efficiency in service delivery in all the contexts we work in. In Ghana, a Community Health Worker (CHW) can identify a client 3x faster with biometrics; in Ethiopia, biometric search was 2.7x faster than digital ID search and 8x faster than manual name search. 
  • In Uganda, we saw an 80% decrease in enrolment time, allowing each CHW to serve, on average, seven more patients per day. 

Reflecting on our achievements over 2023, we're motivated to take our learning and drive forward with our ambitious plans for 2024. We hope, as you read our report, you're equally encouraged to join us on our journey to transform the way the world fights poverty.

Download the Impact Review now.

*The subject’s name and some identifying details have been changed to protect their privacy. Photos are not of the subject.