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What we do

Technology for good

Life is short. We believe work should be meaningful, inspiring, and fun.

Technology for challenging contexts

Technology must be fit for purpose. We solve challenges creatively and build powerful solutions for complex problems.

What is working at Simprints like?

We don’t have time for “boring”. Instead, we’re building a team of the most passionate, adventurous, and creative people imaginable and giving them the space to take on global challenges.

Context is key

6 Reasons our tech is unique

Cutting-edge tech alone doesn't cut it. To reach the most vulnerable populations in the harshest environments, solutions need to be built for context and appropriate for purpose.

Building scalable tech
With a lean team, we build software and hardware that can easily reach millions of people worldwide.
Remaining agile
Our targets are insanely ambitious. We stay agile, enabling our team to own what we build, iterate, and deploy.
Pushing the limit
We take modern tools and apply them, where appropriate, to developing-world contexts.
Learning from the best
We cultivate deep relationships in and around "Silicon Fen", the heart of science and tech in the UK.
Solving end-to-end
Hardware, software, business, operations, we do it all. Join us and experience the full stack.
Leveraging tech for good
We're a technology nonprofit, not a nonprofit with an IT department. Tech is what we do.

We want you

6 Reasons to work for Simprints

Among many, here are a few teasers. Do we have your attention?

Clear impact

Behind the diverse backgrounds, interests, and perspectives our team brings to work, we hold a shared purpose. We believe that every person counts—no matter the place or circumstances they were born into. So we fight to improve global development through better tools, better technology, and better systems. It’s incredibly challenging, but real lives are on the line. Join us, and do work that really matters.

Learn like it’s your job

Because at Simprints, it is. Self-directed learning objectives, external mentors, and regular one-on-one feedback keep continual learning at the heart of our talent strategy. And we put our money where our mouth is: all team members receive stipends on top of their annual salary to use for any courses, trips, or projects that power professional (and personal!) development. Join us, and you will grow faster than at almost any other job.

Accelerated career growth

Simprints provides opportunities to expand and grow within the organisation. As a rapidly-scaling nonprofit, we need our team members to proactively take on new roles and responsibilities as they arise. Are you eager to contribute to our strategy in tech, business, operations, and beyond? Are you looking to lead a team of your own? We're the right place for you.

Work flexible hours

Hate pointless rules and bucreaucracy? Want the freedom to work autonomously? At Simprints we don't dictate hours, and this is no 9-to-5 job. We work incredibly hard, and trust each other to be responsible with how, where, and when. In the end, we care about quality results. Join a fast-paced "scrum" culture with unlimited paid time off and no fixed hours. Throw in a wellness budget to cover your self-care needs, and you can build the work day that works for you.

Unlimited paid time off

We set ambitious quarterly targets, and then let you and your team decide how to achieve them. That's it. No deducting hours at the dentist from a limited PTO allotment, no bending over backwards to maximise time spent with family and friends—at Simprints, we're (mostly) responsible adults. We trust you to know when and how to recharge.

Fieldwork around the world

We work on the frontlines of international development. With a growing global network of partners, our work takes us from the dusty savannahs of Zambia to the narrow slums of Dhaka, or the pristine beaches of Zanzibar to the political corridors of Washington D.C. No assignment or trip is ever quite the same. And we make sure that every role—from software engineer to strategic partnerships lead—gets a chance to travel with the team and see our impact in person.

How to join the team

Sharp and passionate?
We're looking for you

We also very occasionally consider unsolicited applications for other roles. Our selection process includes technical tests, remote and in-person interviews, and ‘trial days’ spent with your potential future team (don't worry, we're nice people).

Current positions:

Country Director, Ethiopia

The Country Director of Ethiopia, without doubt, is the most important hire for the region. They will report directly to the COO and will focus on increasing our reach and impact with partners - NGOs, social enterprises, funders, and governments. The role will be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and responsibilities will be based around the overarching objective of scaling our operational impact in Ethiopia.

Talent Operations Intern

We are looking for a 6-month intern who is passionate about building and developing exceptional teams, and with the ambition to help drive forward the talent operations across Simprints. You will work with a dedicated team and focus on three key areas: hiring, retention and development. This is a perfect role for someone looking to strengthen their career in talent acquisition, team development, or project management.

Director of Finance

We are looking for a Director of Finance with outstanding analytical skills to drive our financial strategy and deliver insights that enable us to grow our global impact. You are forward-thinking, deeply collaborative, a quick learner, and thrive in a fast-paced, highly autonomous start-up environment. You will collaborate closely with the CEO and others across the team to develop and implement our financial strategy, including forecasting, analysis, and supporting revenue-generating opportunities.

Head of Impact Partnerships

The Head of Impact Partnerships is a critical hire to achieve our ambitious goals. You will report directly to the COO and will focus on increasing our reach and impact with partners - NGOs, social enterprises, and governments.  You will spend about 30% of your time traveling. From one day to the next, you might be in Washington D.C. landing contracts for some of the biggest international development programmes in the world, mentoring an up and coming Impact Partnerships Manager through their first deal in Kenya, or defining and iterating on our commercial strategy and business models for East Africa.

Senior Impact Partnerships Manager

We are looking for a Senior Impact Partnerships Manager who can help us increase our portfolio of impact partners around the world - NGOs, social enterprises, and governments. You are confident, passionate, reliable, deeply collaborative, a quick learner, and thrive in a fast-paced, startup environment. From one day to the next you might be scoping a cash transfer project for refugees across East Africa or negotiating the final terms of a partnership for a nation-wide project with a Ministry of Health.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is a key hire for the South Asia region. You will be based in Dhaka and report directly to the Country Director, Bangladesh, with strong support and alignment with our global Project Operations team in the UK. Your responsibilities will be based around the overarching objective of scaling up the deployment of Simprints technology in Bangladesh and other South Asian countries, with specific focus on managing and leading our flagship scale-up project in partnership with BRAC to ensure a successful outcome.

Senior Android Engineer

We are looking for Software Engineers with a focus in Android development to join our growing tech team. You will be responsible for the design, development and maintenance of Simprints applications and their integration with back-end services. You will be working within a team of dedicated engineers focused on different layers of the stack. Therefore, commitment to collaborative problem solving, robust design, and quality product is essential.

Software Engineer: Data and Backend Services

We are looking for Software Engineers with a focus in backend development to join our growing tech team. Among many things, you will architect, design, develop, deploy and operate services that support millions of beneficiaries; leverage best practices in continuous integration and delivery; and help drive optimisation, testing, and tooling to improve data and systems quality.


Simprints will process your data for the purposes of recruitment and selection. We may give your data to third parties (e.g. our applicant tracking software provider). We would also like to retain your data for a period of six months after your initial application. Please opt in by submitting your application. If you want to know more about our approach to privacy and security of your data, please see our Privacy Promise and General Privacy Notice.

Volunteer with us

Not looking for full-time work but still want to get involved? Join our volunteering email listserve, where engineers, professionals, and students receive updates about exciting projects. Our volunteers work on range of projects spanning mobile development, Web APIs, market sizing, global development reports, content writing, and more. Volunteer work is rigourous and rewarding—just ask the two volunteers who spent a week with us in Zambia working alongside our team! If you have a passion for combining technology and development with worthy causes we would love to meet you.