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What we do

Technology for good

Life is short. We believe work should be meaningful, inspiring, and fun.

Technology for challenging contexts

Technology must be fit for purpose. We solve challenges creatively and build powerful solutions for complex problems.

What is working at Simprints like?

We don’t have time for “boring”. Instead, we’re building a team of the most passionate, adventurous, and creative people imaginable and giving them the space to take on global challenges.

Context is key

6 Reasons our tech is unique

Cutting-edge tech alone doesn't cut it. To reach the most vulnerable populations in the harshest environments, solutions need to be built for context and appropriate for purpose.

Building scalable tech
With a lean team, we build software and hardware that can easily reach millions of people worldwide.
Remaining agile
Our targets are insanely ambitious. We stay agile, enabling our team to own what we build, iterate, and deploy.
Pushing the limit
We take modern tools and apply them, where appropriate, to developing-world contexts.
Learning from the best
We cultivate deep relationships in and around "Silicon Fen", the heart of science and tech in the UK.
Solving end-to-end
Hardware, software, business, operations, we do it all. Join us and experience the full stack.
Leveraging tech for good
We're a technology nonprofit, not a nonprofit with an IT department. Tech is what we do.

We want you

6 Reasons to work for Simprints

Among many, here are a few teasers. Do we have your attention?

Clear impact

Behind the diverse backgrounds, interests, and perspectives our team brings to work, we hold a shared purpose. We believe that every person counts—no matter the place or circumstances they were born into. So we fight to improve global development through better tools, better technology, and better systems. It’s incredibly challenging, but real lives are on the line. Join us, and do work that really matters.

Learn like it’s your job

Because at Simprints, it is. Self-directed learning objectives, external mentors, and regular one-on-one feedback keep continual learning at the heart of our talent strategy. And we put our money where our mouth is: all team members have an unlimited budget to spend on any courses, trips, or projects that power professional (and personal!) development. Join us, and you will grow faster than at almost any other job.

Accelerated career growth

Simprints provides opportunities to expand and grow within the organisation. As a rapidly-scaling nonprofit, we need our team members to proactively take on new roles and responsibilities as they arise. Are you eager to contribute to our strategy in tech, business, operations, and beyond? Are you looking to lead a team of your own? We're the right place for you.

Work flexible hours

Hate pointless rules and bucreaucracy? Want the freedom to work autonomously? At Simprints we don't dictate hours, and this is no 9-to-5 job. We work incredibly hard, and trust each other to be responsible with how, where, and when. In the end, we care about quality results. Join a fast-paced "scrum" culture with unlimited paid time off and no fixed hours. Throw in a wellness budget to cover your self-care needs, and you can build the work day that works for you.

Unlimited paid time off

We set ambitious quarterly targets, and then let you and your team decide how to achieve them. That's it. No deducting hours at the dentist from a limited PTO allotment, no bending over backwards to maximise time spent with family and friends—at Simprints, we're (mostly) responsible adults. We trust you to know when and how to recharge.

Fieldwork around the world

We work on the frontlines of international development. With a growing global network of partners, our work takes us from the dusty savannahs of Zambia to the narrow slums of Dhaka, or the pristine beaches of Zanzibar to the political corridors of Washington D.C. No assignment or trip is ever quite the same. And we make sure that every role—from software engineer to strategic partnerships lead—gets a chance to travel with the team and see our impact in person.

DEI at Simprints

Simprints is an equal opportunity employer. We pride ourselves in our strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace. Our aim is to attract, hire, grow and retain the most qualified candidates regardless of race, gender, disability, religion, nationality, age, or sexuality. To this end, our DEI task force works towards making Simprints a more inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace for all.

How to join the team

Sharp and passionate?
We're looking for you

We also very occasionally consider unsolicited applications for other roles. Our selection process includes technical tests, remote and in-person interviews, and ‘trial days’ spent with your potential future team (don't worry, we're nice people).

Current positions:

Partnerships Manager

Your role would focus on increasing our portfolio of partners around the world - governments, iNGOs, and funders to help us rapidly scale our impact. From one day to the next (virtually until it’s safe to travel) you might be creating synergies across multiple partners to form a public-private partnership for vaccine delivery, meeting with officials of USAID in Washington D.C., scoping a community healthcare project for mothers and children with an iNGO in Nigeria, or negotiating the final terms for a nation-wide project with a Ministry of Health.

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Identifying potential partners–such as private sector companies, iNGOs, bilateral funders, multilateral organizations–and developing them into powerful strategic public-private partnerships
  • Conducting calls and in-country meetings (pandemic pending…) with potential impact partners to identify their pain points and challenges, and explore how Simprints can add value to their work
  • Owning opportunities from start to finish, including building the strongest consortium, developing a winning proposal, negotiating the budget, aligning with internal teams, and ultimately closing the deal
  • Creating lasting relationships through outbound work at industry events, conferences, and meetings around the globe
  • Supporting in developing, validating, and implementing a company strategy to help maximize impact while maintaining financial sustainability
  • Working within, and actively contributing to, an awesome team of Partnerships Managers who are committed to building the most effective business development team in the tech4dev sector

Pre-Sales Manager

We are looking for more than just a Pre-Sales Manager. We are looking for someone who is passionate about designing technology-based solutions in service delivery and research projects around the globe. There is opportunity to expand and grow within the organisation, whilst having an exciting role scope and the ability to contribute to social impact objectives.

You will work closely with Simprints’ partners to gather requirements and oversee the design and negotiation requirements on complex Technology for Development opportunities. This role is unique in its breadth, offering the opportunity to collaborate with almost every team at Simprints. You’ll work closely with  partnership managers to develop a deep understanding of our partners needs, , work with engineers to design custom technical solutions, coordinate with our in-country teams, and work with our leadership teams on how best to maximise our service offering for further social impact. This post is based in Cambridge, UK, with remote working in the near term.


This role will report to the Director of Delivery, whilst maintaining close working relationships with the Director of Partnerships and with the Chief Product and Engineering Officer.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Helping to qualify and close opportunities (alongside the partnerships team) through developing a deep understanding of client needs.
  • Demonstrating excellent stakeholder management and attention to detail whilst designing bespoke custom solutions and providing technical input into donor (funding) proposals.
  • Maintaining strict control over new project sign-off to ensure all project commitments are ethical and have undergone appropriate feasibility and impact assessments.
  • Collating and analysing technical market intelligence to contribute to the continual refinement and improvement of Simprints’ value proposition and understanding of the market.
  • Leading on internal organisational change initiatives; improving systems, processes and tools across Partnership, Delivery, Product and Engineering teams.
  • Supporting project start-up phases until project teams are recruited.


Simprints will process your data for the purposes of recruitment and selection. We may give your data to third parties (e.g. our applicant tracking software provider). We would also like to retain your data for a period of six months after your initial application. Please opt in by submitting your application. If you want to know more about our approach to privacy and security of your data, please see our Privacy Promise and General Privacy Notice.

Volunteer with us

Volunteers have played a major role in the development of Simprints. Unfortunately, at the moment we have no positions available, but will advertise them here when we do.