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We are Simprints

Simprints is a nonprofit tech company from the University of Cambridge that seeks to break the identification bottleneck. Recognising a significant gap in current biometric technology, our team is building an affordable, secure, rugged, open-source fingerprint system that works in the world’s toughest settings.


Relentless Commitment to Impact

Simprints exists for one purpose: impact. It drives our culture and evidence-based approach. No matter how crazy things get, we never forget why we do this.

Robust as Fudge

We set super high standards because quality matters. We never cut corners when it comes to our beneficiaries. We build to last.

Be Surprisingly Bold

We push boundaries and challenge the assumptions others take for granted. We are not afraid of being shameless for social impact.

Get Back Up

When you take on great challenges, failure is inevitable. That doesn’t scare us. The minute we get knocked down, we get straight back up. Every time.

Make it Happen

We do whatever it takes to fight poverty. We figure out a way forward, even if it has never been done before. There is no instruction manual for impact, so we are creative and relentless.

Don't be a Jerk

This journey is not about us or our egos. We put mission first, and we’re in this as a team. We foster empathy and stay humble.

Confront the Grey

We speak up when our ethical compass is challenged. We practice transparency and radical candor. We believe that action requires integrity, and integrity requires action.

Laugh Together, Grow Together

This journey is tough, but we have each other’s backs. We remember to have fun and to laugh at ourselves. We never stop learning.


2018 Gavi INFUSE Pacesetter fighting to vaccinate every child

Simprints wins $2M to prevent maternal deaths in hardest-to-reach world regions

Best Tech: Changing Children's Lives for Good at the 2015 Europas

Our founders listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs

Our team was declared Business Weekly's 2015 Startup of the Year

Our CEO was selected as 2017 Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Meet the team

Alex Grigore
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Dan Storisteanu
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Tristram Norman
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Toby Norman
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Julia Kraus
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Sebastian Manhart
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Helen Lundebye
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Christine Kim
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Ridwan Farouki
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Etienne Thiery
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Karina Arrowsmith
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Angela Au
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Fabio Tuzza
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Samad Arshad
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Christie Civetta
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Joey Ockendon
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Tom Kruczynski
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Elpie Bannister
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Nicolas Moreno de Palma
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Varshana Rajasekaran
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Aashay Gaikward
Yoann Bourgery
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Max Bevan
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Chiara Kunnie
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Isabella Sa Freire
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Kingson Chan
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Nick Bennett
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Joyce Chen
James McGinley
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Bosco Manhart
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Advisory board

Ken Banks

Founder of Kiwanja.net, creator FrontlineSMS, and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. He is a PopTech Fellow, a Tech Awards Laureate, an Ashoka Fellow and has been internationally recognised for his technology-based work. In 2013 he was nominated for the TED Prize. Author of “The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator”.

Darrin Disley

CEO of Horizon Discovery Group plc and Barclays UK Iconic Male Entrepreneur of 2017. He has a track record of securing over $430 million business financing from grant, angel, corporate, venture capital, and public market sources as well as closing over $580 million of product, service, licensing, and M&A deals.

Sankar Krishnan

CEO of Tesseract Consulting, Sankar focuses on the nonprofit and developmental sector in Asia. A former partner at McKinsey & Company, he led their healthcare practice for India and Greater China. He is a strategic advisor to nonprofits and start-ups in the education, healthcare and technology spaces, and holds an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Stephanie Yung

Creative director at design and innovation consultancy, Smart Design. Expertise in user-centered design practices and strategies to create positive impact and behaviour change in underserved communities. A leader of award-winning multidisciplinary teams in strategy, product development, and interaction, she’s shaped the vision and experience solutions for a diverse set of Fortune 500 brands including Nike, BMW Mini, and Pepsico.

Alain Labrique

Founding Executive Director of Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative. Fellow at NIH mHealth Summer Institute. Labrique was recognised as one of the Top 11 mHealth Innovators in 2011 by the Rockefeller Foundation, and serves as an mHealth advisor to numerous institutions including the World Health Organisation, GSMA, USAID, and the mHealth Alliance.

Dominic Vergine

Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility for ARM Holdings Plc. Board member of Electronics Technology Network and The Centre for Global Equality. Founding Director of Iceni Mobile Ltd, Aptivate, and Heligon. Builder of industry-leading teams in technology and international development.


Anindya Sharma
Claudia González Arévalo
Jack Atherton
Daniela Peris
PhD Student
Pawel Moll
Tom Daley
Katherine Bobroske
PhD Student
Jordan Hrycaj
mjh-it ltd
Alasdair North
Kevin Lemagnen
Raghul Parthipan
Odhrán Lenaghan
Yair Perry
Issy Hanna


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