Identification tools for the world's harshest settings

How Simprints works

Simple user interface guides collection
Can be seamlessly integrated into any existing workflow and application
Frontline worker places a beneficiary's finger
Rugged, waterproof, mobile fingerprint scanner built for the toughest conditions on the frontlines
System runs matching algorithm
Offline or online. Rapid matching that reduces errors and improves accuracy, compliance and quality
Unique ID links to records and next steps in care
Fingerprint serves as a globally unique and secure ID that cannot be forgotten or lost

Fingerprint Scanner

Leveraging our research at the University of Cambridge, we are building fingerprint scanners that are 228% more accurate than existing mobile scanners in low-resource settings.


Wireless & ergonomic scanner makes data a finger swipe away.


Water resistant. Shock proof. Built to withstand the toughest conditions.


Highly accurate, power-efficient, and fast identification anywhere.


Robust encryption. Our RSA protected records are safer than paper.

Rugged water resistant casing
Bluetooth connectivity
Long lasting battery
Optical high accuracy sensor
Ergonomic handheld design

Seamless Mobile Integration

Simprints uses standard Android calls and a Cloud-based RESTful API, making it compatible with web and Android 3.4+ based applications. Our cloud platform allows organisations to securely sync unique ID’s across multiple devices. This allows seamless integration with nearly any system, including popular tools such as:




Robust Security and Privacy


Secure communications between the phone & server

AES 128-bit

Encrypted data between the scanner & the phone


No personal details are stored alongside fingerprints

OAuth 2.0

Authentication keys are never passed over the web

Transparency is a core value to us. We advocate adhering to the highest available standards when it comes to privacy, namely Europe’s GDPR. Please find below key documents that illustrate our commitment.

Privacy Promise

General Privacy Notice

The Case for Better Privacy Standards

Data Protection Impact Assessment for the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Small Company, Big Ethics - Privacy, Laws, and Business - Published June 2018

Co-created with users

We have created the first fingerprint scanner designed for—and by—frontline workers. Simprints forges over 300 hours of user-centered design and co-creation into a seamless biometric workflow. Every feature, from the lights to the buttons, have been designed by users to meet their needs. Testing across 3 continents and 6 countries has shown that frontline workers can learn to use Simprints with less than 30 minutes of training. Our intense focus on real use cases and iterative field testing ensures that the technology adds tangible value to user’s daily work, accelerating their impact on the frontlines.

Field tested

We have designed hardware and software for the worn, scarred fingerprints of the poorest populations that commonly defeat Western-designed biometric systems. With the help of our partners at BRAC and the University of Cambridge, we have tested Simprints with 125,000 fingerprints across Zambia, Benin, Nepal, and Bangladesh in both urban and rural contexts. We pitted a wide range of sensors, templates, and matching algorithms against the toughest fingerprints we could find to optimise our system in terms of power, speed, ruggedness, and affordability.

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