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Transforming universal health coverage

Watsi uses Simprints to enrol villagers in health services and identify them when they step into the clinic. These tools provide Watsi with the data needed to constantly improve delivery of healthcare and work towards the goal of universal health coverage.


Over 400 million people worldwide lack access to essential health services, and up to 40% of healthcare funding is wasted due to system inefficiencies. Many of these inefficiencies, such as patient enrolment, claims processing, and reporting, result in excessive administration costs. More importantly, paper-based systems lack transparency, leading to lost funds due to wastage, fraud, and low-quality care.


Watsi is trialling an ambitious new universal healthcare project to tackle this challenge. Leveraging the power of technology to finance universal healthcare for the village of Rwibaale, Uganda, Watsi is using Simprints to enrol villagers and accurately identify them when they step into the clinics.

"Simprints was instrumental in our ability to establish individual identity in our health insurance project in rural Uganda, a challenging setting without stable addresses, consistent name spelling, or strong national ID infrastructure. Their approach to doing whatever it takes to ensure our project is successful - rather than sticking to the letter of the contract - is a breath of fresh air and particularly rare in global health."

Thomas, Watsi Cofounder


Watsi is enrolling up to 6,000 villagers in Rwibaale, represents a 98.2% enrolment rate for the village, a level of coverage which surpasses health coverage even in developed countries. Watsi reports over 7,000 clinic visits since the launch of the project in early 2017, visits that have been validated by Simprints’ system.

Looking Ahead

Our partnership with Watsi enables an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency in healthcare - one in which the health of the community is monitored in real time. We are excited to support these innovations and drive meaningful impact in Uganda.

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