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Impact Network

Increasing student retention

Simprints helps Impact Network digitally track the attendance of their students, recognising lapses in each student’s attendance faster than paper-based attendance tracking. Together, we ensure every child continues learning.


Today Sub-Saharan Africa is home to over half of the world’s 57 million out-of-school primary-aged children. To address this pervasive problem, thousands of schools have been built in the last 10 years to provide universal access to education - yet without trained teachers, strong management, and high-quality learning materials, many of these schools are failing to produce results.


Impact Network utilises innovative e-learning technology to deliver quality education to 9 schools in rural Zambia, improving literacy and numeracy skills of students at a fraction of the cost of other schools. Simprints helps Impact Network digitally track the attendance of 20 teachers and 900 students to recognise lapses in attendance and mitigate against absenteeism.

“We’ll be able to troubleshoot issues, track down students who have been absent, and work more closely with our communities. We’ll have accurate data in real-time, rather than unreliable data at the end of the term or year.” 

Impact Network staff member


On remote, dusty savannahs where even consistent electricity can be hard to come by, Impact Network has successfully enrolled all their students and consistently used Simprints at the beginning of every class to monitor attendance. The total number of identifications made since project launch is over 59,000 - and counting every day!

Looking Ahead

The Impact Network team is scaling Simprints to an additional 9 schools and 2,200 students. This expansion is a testament to the effectiveness of our partnership, and we look forward to working with Impact Network to ensure no child falls through the cracks of the education system.

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