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Children's Investment Fund Foundation

Breaking transmission of neglected tropical diseases

The Children's Investment Fund Foundation aims to demonstrate a sustainable and scalable model for breaking transmission of parasitic worms in rural Ethiopia. In partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopian Public Health Institute, London Centre for Neglected Tropical Disease Research at Imperial College London, and World Vision Ethiopia, Simprints is helping to ensure high coverage of deworming treatment across 5 districts in Wolayita.


National deworming programmes rely on mass drug administration (MDA) to control schistosomiasis and soil transmitted helminths, two prevalent neglected tropical diseases. Treatment Coverage Validation surveys are recommended by the World Health Organization and are widely used by national programmes to gather data on MDA coverage, however they rely on participants answering survey questions regarding if treatment was offered and if they complied with treatment.


The Geshiyaro project aims to eliminate intestinal worms in Wolayita zone through drug treatment with a goal of 90% treatment coverage.  Individual identification will allow for more accurate coverage estimates, and help to understand if certain demographic groups are not receiving preventive chemotherapy at one or multiple rounds of MDA. Simprints is supporting the evaluation study by providing more reliable and accurate treatment verification through biometric identification.


In its pilot year, over 46% of beneficiaries showed up for the Geshiyaro MDA without their ID cards, a pain point that biometric technology was designed to address. Also, by using biometrics for individual identification,  the study team was able to determine that 13% of beneficiaries had incorrect ID cards, and 8% of treatment forms received were duplicates. 

Looking ahead

The Geshiyaro evaluation team is now scaling up validation of the treatment coverage across 4 additional districts and up to 500,000 beneficiaries

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